Saturday, July 2, 2011

Maul at the Mall: Orks or Dark Eldar???

Wow, crazy A two weeks. Good news is, I got a computer out of the deal. You know what that means? I'm not trying to write blogs and other crap at Tech labs. Glorious. Which means we should be seeing much more activity on the blog.

Anyhow, Here is the thing. My big big event that I go to every year is Maul in the Mall, put on by Dicehead games in Cleveland TN. In short it is an awesome annual tourney that brings in some great players a beautiful armies. Every year I come back, look at my army list and say to myself, " Wow, I'm doing it all wrong!" Which, if you want to get better, is a great thing. That being the case, I don't know which army to play. I'm happy with my orks. I mean solid. I won my first tourney with them a few months back. I don't lose often with them. I feel like I got it perfectly the way I want. I look back and compare my army to the one I ran last year and it insanely better. Of course, I do see it's weaknesses and the list is far from unbeatable

Now enter the new army: My Dark Eldar. They are quick, lean, mean, and ....fragile. I've had amazing, well, luck with them. I picked them up and viola!!! I'm good with them. The flicker fields, they love me. I've been very successful with them. I've also had the the army absolutely dominated is certain instances, which scares me. I also realize I'm gonna make more mistakes with the DE. Also, if you go second and get stuck against a shooty army on a side with no terrian, your done.

Also, the missions are, well, squirrelly. The signature mission of the Maul basically has everything, but HQ respawns and outflanks each turn. Yeah, different right. I really want to play the army I think will play best with the missions.Check them out: Here it is
What these missions tend to do to the normal tournament players.

Ok, here are the two lists. Ok, Old hotness, V.S. New Hotness

DA Redtoofs


Big Mek-KFF
(I usually equip him better, but I want his klaw to respawn in the Maul mission, so I put it in the Nob squad


15 lootas
15 lootas


10 nobs
7 w/ sluggas, choppas
1 w/ power klaw
1 w/ power klaw, Waaagh Banner, Bosspole
Cybork bodies
Red Paint
2 Big Shootas

17 boys
nob w/ Power Klaw, bosspole

17 boys
nob w/ Power Klaw, bosspole

10 Grots

Fast Attack

1 Deffcopta w/ Rokkits and Buzzsaw

1 Deffcopta w/ Rokkits and Buzzsaw
(Note: I usually have these in one squad, but want to be able to quickly complete the second objective in mall rats mission)

Heavy Support

2 X Battlewagon w/ Deffrolla, red paint, 2 big shootas

The New Hotness: The Kabal of the Awesomesauce




4 Wracks (Vect Mobile)
Venom w/ splinter cannon

4 Trueborn w/ 4 blasters
Haywire Grenades
Venom w/ splinter cannon

4 Trueborn w/ 4 blasters
Haywire Grenades
Venom w/ splinter cannon


2X 10 Wyches
       Haywire Genades
       2 Hydra Gautlets
       Hetrix w/ Agoniser
       Raider w/ Dis. Cannon

3X 9 Warriors
      Raider w/ Dis. Cannon
      Flicker field

Fast Attack: None


3 X  Ravangers w/ Darklances
        Flicker field

So, there you go. I complex question but a simple answer. What do you think? Orks or Dark Eldar?

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